We look for outstanding material that will not only add to the value of our collections, but will also help you to create the unique, inspired piece that’s right for you.

Wood Supply

Since 1997, CST has supplied local, high quality salvaged wood in the form of timbers, milled lumber, live-edge slabs and flooring in the city and across North America.


We adapt to your design needs. Our clients can leave the design to us or choose to bring in their own consultants or blueprints. We’ve worked with a range of high-profile and independent architects and designers.


Our team has over 20 years of experience in carpentry and woodworking. We’ve delivered handmade, quality custom-built pieces for commercial and residential spaces, including hotels, restaurants, and private homes.

We at Canadian Salvaged Timber seek to facilitate fair exchange between the community, economy, and the environment. We understand that not everyone wants cookie-cutter Swedish-designed furniture. We provide unique design solutions for businesses and individuals, and in doing so, aim to enrich people’s understanding of wood, reclaiming, and woodworking culture.

We work with reclaimed wood because we believe in minimizing harmful environmental impact while maximizing customer value. We do this by hand-selecting locally sourced, quality reclaimed woods with excellent character, and focus our work on bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.

osmo polyx oil where to buy

At Canadian Salvaged Timber, we believe that using natural, environmentally-friendly finishes is essential. We are happy to carry a range of Osmo products, including Polyx-Oil, TopOil, and Wood Wax Finish.

Have questions or a project in mind? Stop by for a visit or drop us a line.

Address: 442 Dufferin St, Unit J, Toronto, Ontario M6K 2A3, Canada